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Jerry Lucky (Canada) - click here to read full review
“…the essence of a classic progressive rock sound that is clearly placed in a modern setting… tunes that ebb and flow between fast and slow, intense and atmospheric, vocals and instrumental soloing… a wide mix of rock styles and influences… the music here will appeal to wide cross section of music lovers”
Jerry Lucky (author ‘The Progressive Rock Files’)

ProgArchives.com (USA) - click here to read full review
“…If Progressive Rock consists in blending of different genres, well these guys do this with great style… an interesting fusion from simple mainstream to Heavy Prog, some sort of Symphonic with Jazzy leanings, ambient, a bit of Country hints, and even good classic Rock & Roll with Power ballads”

Iván Melgar Morey, Progressive Archives

HeavyHardes (Germany) - click here to read full review
“…Decadent Light is in its very simplicity and tranquility a beautiful, touching record...full of intimate moments”
Heavy Hardes (Fab)

Progression Magazine (USA) - click here to read full review
“…there's an undeniable American-heartland feel to the concise melodic prog these guys produce…Intense, inventive and melodic…a triple-threat tour-de-force of solid musicianship, strong songcraft and remarkable production quality. Highly recommended.”

Nick Tate, Progression Magazine (Summer 2008)

Dutch Progressive Rock Page (Netherlands) - click here to read full review
“…a very promising debut album that is a fine mixture of progressive-edged tunes... not sounding quite like anyone else... there are impressive lead breaks which transition from the raucous to the almost ambient, often within the space of the same song…”
Mark Hughes, Dutch Progressive Rock Page

ProgPulsion (France) - click here to read full review
“…delicate melodies and moods, symphonic instrumental sequences full of emotion and impeccable singing. A real appetite for progressive ears.”
ProgPulsion (Rock Progressif)

Paul Sheriff Peter Matuchniak Mike Eager Jim DeBaun